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Episode 33 (s03e01)

It’s nice to be behind the mic again.  This episode turned out a bit shorter than usual but we’re just getting warmed up.  News articles now have their own 10-minute segment titled “Current Events.”  Then we travel to the box office to review last week’s top 10 movies, followed by a quick look at a few movies coming out this weekend.  The “Brain Theatre” makes its return following its season 2 hiatus.  The “What Would Jimmy Do?” segment, made popular last season, returns.  “The Audobrain Society” returns with a new strange animal and a bonus Dinosaur of the Week.  We wrap the show up with our “Final Thoughts” segment.  And stick around after the end music, there are plenty of outtakes to be heard.

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Pink fairy armadillos

Season 3 approaches…

On 2/22, one week from today…

The Collective Brain Affiliation will resume their discussions about things.

They took the two-host format, tied a brick to its foot and threw it in the river to make way for the new three-host format.  That’s right!  Jay, Ken and Harry will deliver 12 all-new fabulous episodes this season.

Also, the Brain Theatre makes its return.  Oh the drama.

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