Season 10 Announcement


Coming in two weeks…

Brain logo season 10

Season 10 of

The Collective Brain Podcast

What can you expect in season 10?

  • Predictions
  • The reimagining of a Brain Theatre classic
  • Games about music and movies
  • Facts/trivia
  • More entertainment than you can shake a stick at

And it all begins in 14 short days.  Be there.


Episode 116-7 (bonus episode)

Bored Room

Before each season begins, the hosts get together for a “Bored Meeting” and discuss segments and ideas for the upcoming season.  The season 9 Bored Meeting was recorded on February 11, 2015.  This week’s bonus episode is the season 9 Bored Meeting with Jay, Ken, Brad and Jimmy (kind of).

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Show length [40:39]

Tales of the Travelers: Spain


On this episode, our Travelers visit the Marimurtra Botanical Gardens northeast of Barcelona, Spain.  Also included is a Spanish haircut and hauling recyclable waste to a nearby “green” collection center.

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Show length [25:16]