The Squatchy Adventures

The Tale of Rasinari

After leaving the circus and his family behind, Squatchy had many grand adventures.  Much of his life has been chronicled in the Brain Theatre segment of the Collective Brain podcast.  But here we are able to explore some of his lesser-known exploits in the form of the “Tales” series.  So sit back and enjoy this harrowing tale of suspense during one of Squatchy’s many trips to Romania.


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The Squatchy Adventures (episode 1)

background 1 - circus (with 3) squatch 1

In season 4 of the Collective Brain podcast, we heard the ongoing adventures of Squatchy during the Brain Theatre segment of the show.  And now, we get to see the adventures as they unfold before our eyes.  Using the audio as it was performed on each episode, this series adds visuals to bring Squatchy’s fantastic adventures to life!

In this first episode, we see a young Squatchy in his humble carnival beginnings.  The original audio can be heard on episode 46 of the podcast.


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