TCB Episode 144.5 (s12e04.5)


On this very special episode:

  • The history of Halloween
  • 12 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Halloween
  • Weird October Holidays

Host – Jay with audio clips from episode 50 from season 4 (2012)

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Show length [25:52]


TCB Episode 144 (s12e04)


On this episode:

  • Album for Your Head
  • The Brain Theatre – “Private Mortgage Eyes (part 4)”
  • Hot Topic – Our Last Meal
  • Dreamweaver
  • The Lumber Yard
  • Dinosaur Sightings
  • Spice Guys
  • A Friendly Reminder

Hosts – Jay, Ken, Brad, and Jimmy

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Show length [55:47]


Mune Gamer Podcast 28 – Lords of the Eastern Reach

MBGP logo full (800x386)

On this episode, we play

Lords of the Easter Reach

Lords of the Eastern Reach

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Show length [26:30]

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