Episode 57 (s05e01)

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We’re back on the air.  Episode 57 includes:

  • Box office results / new movie releases
  • Disney Star Wars update
  • The Squatchy Adventures Continue (part 1 of 6)
  • How Much Is It?
  • What Was Our Favorite Album/Song of the Year 2001?
  • Beverage update

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Show length [59:47]


Announcing The Collective Brain Season 5…

Mark your calendars!!!

7 days calendar

In seven days, the Collective Brain podcast

returns to the digital airwaves.

The cast from season 4 have been reunited to bring you twelve more delicious episodes.

What can you expect from season 5?

  • Weekly box office results / upcoming movie releases
  • At least one interesting topic per episode
  • Exciting games
  • Fabulous guests
  • The continuing adventures of Squatchy
  • And more…

Come back every Monday morning for a new thrilling episode!