Episode 44-9 (bonus episode)

Brain Correspondant Harry made his annual trek to the Illinois State Fair earlier this month and made some on-the-spot recordings.  Join us as we listen to and comment on those recordings.  Plus, we learn about the legendary butter cow.

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Show length [35:42]


Episode 44-8 (bonus episode)

Join Jay and Ken as they taste-test a soda called Mr. Pig on this bonus episode of The Collective Brain!!!

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Show length [15:38]

The Brain Theatre Volume 1

The Collective Brain is proud to announce the release of its first compilation CD

“The Brain Theatre Volume 1”

This CD contains the Brain Theatre segments from all twenty episodes of The Collective Brain season one, including performances from their guests: Ken, JP and Harry.  The album is available on CD and as a digital download.

Head on over to the TCB Storefront for your copy today…

Episode 44-7 (bonus episode)

During this week’s chemistry lesson, you will hear baseball statistics, Joe Chin and Barry Fitzgerald (of TV’s “Ghost Hunters International” fame) live from Argentina, World of Warcraft, a WKRP review and a 1950’s field recording from New Zealand.  You don’t want to miss this one, folks!

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Show length [24:39]