Episode 28

In this episode…

G.H.O.ST. Klub at Rock House

Trickz or treatz! Give me candies!

Jason and Ken discuss last week before delving into news and topics such as the laughing burglar, a German satellite falls to earth, burning down the house, Gadhafi is dead, Taco Bell customer gets more than she ordered, movie news, G.H.O.St. Klub investigates the Rock House, and much more!!!

In the list:  The 10 worst Halloween candies for ruining Halloween

What Would Jimmy Do…  if killing people who wronged him was acceptable, if he could cut off a middle finger for immunity from all diseases, or if he had to choose one song to listen to for the rest of his life?

Ken’s Horrible Music of the Week:  Terrible metal band “rocks” elementary school

The Audubrain Society presents… the dumbo octopus

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Show length [52:59]

** With metal, anything is possible **


The Aftertaste Report – Episode 12 (season finale)

In this episode, Jason and Nikki once again welcome Paige and Will to the show.  And for this season 1 finale episode, they review not two but three beverages:  Playoff Punch Crayons, Jumex strawberry and banana nectar, and Leaping Lemon-Lime Crayons.

Episode 27

In this episode…

How many hotdogs should I eat?

Bad hair day for the aye-aye

Jason and Ken review their week.  Plus, news and topics include a corn maze emergency, the stolen bridge, a dog held for ransom, and Taco Bell disgruntlement.

Television Guide:  The Munsters  (with world renowned Munsters expert, Mark K.)

What Would Jimmy Do…  if he found a wallet full of money, got back too much money at the bank, or had to save three things if his house caught on fire?

Ken’s Horrible Music of the Week:  The Zom Zoms “Hyper Lenny (live)” and “Invisible Dwarf

The Audubrain Society presents… the aye-aye

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Show length [74:50]

** Don’t forget the hot sauce **

Episode 26

In this episode…

J2D2, the Cake Droid

"I never get any cake" - Blobfish

Jason and Ken discuss their week, followed by a healthy dose of the news and topics including Netflix and Qwikster, Facebook turns dangerous, Westboro Baptist Church pickets Steve Jobs’ funeral, world’s oldest running car auctioned, DC comics, and Ken talks about the Cardinals.

Television Guide:  Happy Days

In the list:  5 misconceptions about Christopher Columbus

What Would Jimmy Do…  If he had only 24 hours to live?

The Audubrain Society presents… the blobfish

Ken’s Horrible Music of the Week:  The Sisterhood

Links:  Rare celebrity photos

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Show length [64:27]

** Sonday, Munday, Happy Days **

Episode 25

In this episode…



Jason and Ken welcome two guests to the show: returning guest JP and new guest Darrin.  After reviewing what each of them did this week, they dig into JP’s new hobby:  blacksmithing.

In the news:  The OCD bank robber, world’s tallest female dog, man gouges out his eyes during mass, and Amanda Knox is set free.

Other topics:  HP Lovecraft and the new Amazon Kindle Fire

Television Guide:  [will be back next week]

In the list:  Top 10 ways to tell you are an internet addict

Ken’s Horrible Music of the Week:  The Worst Band Ever plays Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton

Links:  Disk Drive Imperial March, Darth Vader in “Yes Man”

Next week:  Our “Happy Days” Extravaganza

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Show length [56:48]

** Cricket, cricket, cricket **