Episode 81 (s07e01)

season 7

The Collective Brain podcast is back for another season.  On this season opener, you’ll hear:

  • Commercial Review:  2013 Honda Presidents Day commercial
  • Brain Theatre:  Squatchy (part 1)
  • The Answer Man
  • Mike’s Magical Moment
  • What Was Our Favorite TV Show from 1979?
  • Culinary Report:  Red Robin Crispy Arctic Cod
  • Email Bucket
  • and more…

Cast – Jay, Ken, Harry and Brad

Listen here:  

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Show length [38:28]


Announcing the Collective Brain Season 7…

In 7 days…

Brain logo season 7

Hosts Jay, Ken, Harry and Brad return for

the 7th season of the Collective Brain podcast.

*  How about a new opening monologue?

*  How about a Brain Theatre serial based in the Old West?

*  How about another season of Squatchy?

*  How about twelve new episodes?

You got it!  Starting February 24, 2014!

Episode 80-5 (bonus episode)

And the winner is

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote!!!

The polls are closed.  All the votes have been tallied.  The results of the Brain Theatre Pilot Episode Contest are in.  One of the following pilots will be made into a 6-part series to be featured during the Brain Theatre segment during season 7:

  1. Mommies
  2. Drivur
  3. Space Barbership
  4. Western Hero
  5. Senior Auto Shop
  6. The Harold Lumbar Show

In this bonus episode, Jay, Ken, Harry and Brad review each pilot, Brad gives behind-the-scenes info on the writing of each show and they reveal which one each of them voted for.  And then the winning pilot is announced.

Listen here:  

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Show length [42:46]