Episode 92-4 (bonus episode)

The Lavender Lounge

Lavender Lounge

In December of 2013, the cast of the Collective Brain podcast visited the Lavender Lounge comedy club to record one full evening of comedy.  They used edited snippets of that recording as the intros for their shows in season 7.  In this bonus episode, you’ll hear the unedited audio which includes each comedian’s complete act.  Parental guidance is suggested.

Comedians include Jay Brillo, Andrew Adobe, Harry D, Dr. Dismal, Jimmy Gaff and Kerry Harold.

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Episode 92-3 (bonus episode)

Season 7

Squatchy Spectacular #3

Squatchy Spectacular 3

Collected here for the first time are all six parts of the Squatchy Adventures that aired during season 7 of the Collective Brain podcast.  Follow Squatchy from the beginning to the end of his epic trek from the United States to Canada.

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The Squatchy Adventures

The Tale of Rasinari

After leaving the circus and his family behind, Squatchy had many grand adventures.  Much of his life has been chronicled in the Brain Theatre segment of the Collective Brain podcast.  But here we are able to explore some of his lesser-known exploits in the form of the “Tales” series.  So sit back and enjoy this harrowing tale of suspense during one of Squatchy’s many trips to Romania.


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