Episode 45 (s04e01)

Jay, Ken, Harry and Brad return to the airwaves with episode 45.

  • Intro to season 4 of the show
  • Box office results and new movie releases
  • Discussion – 2012 Summer Movie Review
  • The Brain Theatre – “At the Can Factory”
  • Honey Boo Boo Say Whut?
  • Final Thoughts

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Show length [78:27]


The Aftertaste Report S2 – Episode 15 (s02e03)

Live from the Starlight Roof, Jay and Harry review Perrier mineral water.

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Show length [10:03]

Announcing The Collective Brain Season 4…

It was more than FOUR MONTHS ago when the Collective Brain went on hiatus.

And now it’s back!!!

This season the show goes “live.”  No more post-production clean-up work.  No more editing out the bloopers and outtakes.  No more deleted scenes.  No more “uhm”-removal.  What you hear is what was recorded!

And joining Jay, Ken and Harry is Brad, filling the fourth seat on the show.

~ Bigger ~

~ Better ~

It all starts in one week

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Listen to the season 4 promo: