Episode 20-7

This week…

This is the last summer bonus episode.  In it, we hear the first of several pilot episodes Jimmy and Jason recorded for the show.  Without music or even a show name, this is as raw as it gets.  It’s interesting to hear the format of the show taking shape.

Listen here:

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Show length [18:56]

**  The end is now, the beginning is next week  **


Episode 20-6

This week…

In March, Jason and Jimmy recorded an interview with Harry about their band Isthmus.  The interview was split in two and used in episode 4 and episode 5.  This week’s show consists of the pre- and post-interview recordings.  As a bonus, “Huhn Ellbogen,” a Parabolic Dish Festival outtake track featuring samples of Grandma, is included (around the 25:30 mark).

Listen here:

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Show length [35:30]

**  Underoos are still fun to wear **

Episode 20-5

This week…

Preparing to record episode 10 (not)

Another behind-the-scenes expose’.  Join us as we eavesdrop on the unreleased conversation that Jason, Jimmy and Harry had immediately before and after recording episode 10.

Listen here:

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Show length [25:20]

**  Underoos are fun to wear **

Episode 20-4

This week…

Every episode of the Collective Brain featured an artful performance during the Brain Theatre segment.  This week we hear what the raw audio sounds like prior to being edited for the show.   All three Brain Theatres selected feature our guest Ken and are:
“Twelve Angry Men” from episode 7
“Chinatown” from episode 9
“Horsemen” from episode 12

Listen here:

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Show length [28:22]

**  The center of the stage is where we are **

Episode 20-3

This week…

We go behind-the-scenes with the “preshow” that was recorded on Sunday, May 8, just prior to the recording of episode 12.  That particular episode was our Hunting & Fishing show featuring returning guest Ken.

So sit back and let the smooth sounds of the Brain control your alpha waves.

Next week:  Brain Theatre Uncut

Listen here:

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Show length [31:33]

**  Let us do the thinking **

Episode 20-2

What’s this?  A new episode?

Kind of.  It’s a mini-episode we recently recorded that I added some visual elements to.


Not really.


The jury’s out.

But it is a new product of

The Collective Brain*

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