Episode 20-2

What’s this?  A new episode?

Kind of.  It’s a mini-episode we recently recorded that I added some visual elements to.


Not really.


The jury’s out.

But it is a new product of

The Collective Brain*

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On Vacation

Enjoying vacation

New content has been released here every week since February… until now.  But be sure to check back next week, there may be a new short video/episode waiting for you.

Season One Finale video

If you haven’t heard last week’s show, episode 20, then you may not be aware that the Collective Brain podcast is on hiatus for the summer.  We are calling episodes 1-20 “season 1” of the show.  This fall, the show will return with “season 2.”  Details on when the show will return and the updated format of the show will be given on this website in the weeks to come.  But for now, we have something else for you.

On Sunday, July 3, our families gathered for a Fourth of July fest.  Later that evening, we recorded the last episode of season 1.  No one knew that the video we shot that day would be used for the show’s season finale video.  Click here to see the video.

The Collective Brain

We will not be silent this summer.  We will still be posting things on this website and providing tidbits of entertainment.

Have a good summer and

thanks for listening to season 1!

Episode 20

In this episode…

Happy Independence Day

July 2011 - The last Space Shuttle flight

This deluxe-sized “freedom” episode is destined to be unforgettable.  We discuss our 4th of July plans, television series finales and  season cliffhangers, nine weird things that flew on the Space Shuttle, 2011 celebrity deaths (so far) and eight surprising Space Shuttle facts.

We also experience this week’s Phrase Train, Book Report, Brain Theatre, Pop Star of the Week, show news and more.

Listen here:

Right click here to download episode 20

Show length [1:09:46]

** Sunrise, sunset **