Episode 68-8 (bonus episode)

Season 5 Pilot Episode


On December 20, 2012, the Collective Brain Christmas Special was recorded.  Two months later, through cobwebs and using rusty parts, the cast got together to record the Season 5 Pilot episode on February 19, 2013.  The Pilot episode has become a tradition each season, giving the cast a chance to get back in the groove of things before returning for another 12-week run of episodes.

  • Whose Birthday Is It?
  • Box office results / new movie releases
  • A discussion on burnout
  • Who Said Dat?
  • What Was Our Favorite Album/Song of the Year 1970?
  • Squatchy update
  • Goldbond medicated powder

Cast – Jay, Ken, Harry and Brad

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Show length [53:41]


Episode 68-7 (bonus episode)

This episode is brought to you by…


To help pay for the rising cost of doing a podcast, The Collective Brain had advertisers during season 5 of the show.  The products they supported were:

  • Inflatable Baby
  • Chocolate Cereal
  • Goldenfingercakes
  • Generic Food
  • Hood Food
  • The Hilbert Hotel

On this bonus episode, Jay and Kevin review the commercials and talk to representatives from each of the companies about their products.

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Show length [44:54]