Episode 1

Our inaugural podcast has been recorded.  It is a little longer than we anticipated but we had a lot of information to pack into this episode (and some we could have left out).

Topics include Jason’s home video conversion, lucid dreaming, Hollywood gossip, and an introduction to weekly segments such as the Phrase Train, Brain Theatre, the Book Report, listener emails and feedback.

Next week:  Headed to Bollywood, an irresistible bacon recipe, results of a local paranormal investigation, and much more!

Listen here:

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Show length [37:10]


Coming soon…

The Collective Brain is a new weekly podcast with hosts Jimmy and Jason who will discuss whatever they want.  Conversations will include movies, music, video games, current events, technology, computers, dreams, and many more interesting topics!  It is talk radio with bonus sound bites collected from their vast audio libraries and the interwebs.  And they will enjoy the company of occasional guests.

Pilot episodes are being recorded now.

Keep checking here for the first live episode.

Coming soon!!!