Episode 116-7 (bonus episode)

Bored Room

Before each season begins, the hosts get together for a “Bored Meeting” and discuss segments and ideas for the upcoming season.  The season 9 Bored Meeting was recorded on February 11, 2015.  This week’s bonus episode is the season 9 Bored Meeting with Jay, Ken, Brad and Jimmy (kind of).

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Show length [40:39]


Episode 116-6 (bonus episode)


Occasionally on the podcast some words are said, or some sounds are made, that when taken out of context sure are funny.  Here is a collection of the aforementioned sound bites that were set aside during the editing of each episode during season 9.  It may be short but it’s tall is humor.  ?

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Show length [3:42]

Episode 116-4 (bonus episode)

Bob Ross

The podcast was lucky enough to get Bob Ross to do a segment for each episode in season 9.  But what made it on the show wasn’t always the whole story.  Sometimes the segments had to be trimmed for time reasons, sometimes Bob got a little too bitter, and sometimes it seemed like he wasn’t himself at all.  This bonus episode is a collection of clips, both broadcast and previously unreleased, featuring the best of Bitter Bob Ross.

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Show length [25:59]

Episode 116-3 (bonus episode)

in studio

On podcast nights, the entire evening is recorded, including the preparation chat leading up to the beginning of the show.  This episode is a collection of pre-show deleted clips from season 9.  Actual pre-show recordings can last up to 30-45 minutes, so these are clips of just a few minutes prior to the start of each show.

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Show length [17:58]

Episode 116-2 (bonus episode)

Season 9 pilot episode


Before each season begins, the guys get together to record a practice episode.  The practice episodes are known as “pilot episodes.”  The pilot episode for season 9 was recorded on February 18, 2015.  Jay, Ken, Harry and Brad hosted with Jimmy typing in the chat room.  On this previously unaired episode:

  • The fun of winter and snow
  • Movie Time
  • Bitter Bob Ross
  • The Brain Theatre
  • The Green and Brown Thumb Report
  • What Was Your Favorite SNL Skit?
  • Money for Mumbles
  • The End Times

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Show length [49:58]