TCB Episode 128-7 (bonus episode)

cutting room floor

Every episode of season 10 had its share of cut material.  By the end of the season there were twelve buckets of audio scraps that no one had heard.  In this bonus episode we hear some of those unused audios.

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Show length [33:32]


TCB Episode 128-6 (bonus episode)

Ep 7

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015, Harry and Jay recorded their thoughts and predictions on the upcoming Star Wars Ep 7 The Force Awakens after having watched the final trailer.  Disclaimer: The chat is quite extensive and only the most die hard Star Wars fans should listen.  All others may walk away with the realization that these two are WAY too geeky about Star Wars.

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Show length [63:41]

TCB Episode 128-5 (bonus episode)

Bored Meeting

Before each season begins, the hosts get together for a “Bored Meeting” and discuss segments and ideas for the upcoming season.  The season 10 Bored Meeting was recorded on August 19, 2015.  This week’s bonus episode is the season 10 Bored Meeting with Jay, Ken, and Brad.

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Show length [56:09]

TCB Episode 128-3 (bonus episode)

Sound Bites

This short bonus episode is a compilation of compilations.  The first collection is of funny sound bites recorded during the season.  The second collection is the guys trying to pronounce the main character’s name of Space Western Hero, the Brain Theatre drama this season.

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Show length [5:57]

TCB Episode 128-2 (bonus episode)


Before each season begins, the guys get together to record a practice episode.  The practice episodes are known as “pilot episodes.”  The pilot episode for season 10 was recorded on August 26, 2015.  Jay, Ken, Harry, Brad, Jimmy, and Martin hosted.  On this previously unaired episode:

  • News of the Future Predictions (w/Dow Jones report)
  • Brain Theatre – “Eastern Western Hero Prologue”
  • Cookies for Cookie Monster – Testament
  • It’s Free on Craigslist – Best and Worst
  • Box Office Predictions
  • The first/last thing we bought today

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Show length [39:06]

Craigslist Best

The Best

Craigslist Worst

The Worst