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Episode 20-7

This week…

This is the last summer bonus episode.  In it, we hear the first of several pilot episodes Jimmy and Jason recorded for the show.  Without music or even a show name, this is as raw as it gets.  It’s interesting to hear the format of the show taking shape.

Listen here:

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Show length [18:56]

**  The end is now, the beginning is next week  **

Episode 20-6

This week…

In March, Jason and Jimmy recorded an interview with Harry about their band Isthmus.  The interview was split in two and used in episode 4 and episode 5.  This week’s show consists of the pre- and post-interview recordings.  As a bonus, “Huhn Ellbogen,” a Parabolic Dish Festival outtake track featuring samples of Grandma, is included (around the 25:30 mark).

Listen here:

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Show length [35:30]

**  Underoos are still fun to wear **

Episode 20-5

This week…

Preparing to record episode 10 (not)

Another behind-the-scenes expose’.  Join us as we eavesdrop on the unreleased conversation that Jason, Jimmy and Harry had immediately before and after recording episode 10.

Listen here:

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Show length [25:20]

**  Underoos are fun to wear **