Episode 176 (s15e12)

School Field Trips

field trip

  • Topic: School Field Trips
  • Game: Go High or Go Low
  • Brain Theatre: “Tribute to Night Court”
  • Song: “Deathwish” by Red Sun Rising

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Show length [47:31]


Episode 175 (s15e11)

Our Internet Hangouts


  • Topic: Our Internet Hangouts
  • Game: Top 15 or Bust
  • Song: “Light the Torch” by Die Alone

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Show length [44:44]

TCB Episode 172.5

A Special Episode from Yesteryear

The Collective Brain S4

On this very special episode of The Collective Brain podcast, we go back in time to October 29, 2012, the night historical Episode 50 of the show was recorded during season 4.  This is the pre-show recording made of the guys preparing for the big episode.  The hosts were Jay, Ken, Harry, and Brad.

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Show length [22:54]