Episode 104-5 (bonus episode)

clapper part 1

Here’s a collection of previously unreleased outtakes from episodes 1-6 of season 8.  More to come in two weeks…

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Show length [26:25]


Episode 104-4 (bonus episode)

Season 8 Pilot Episode


Before each season begins, the guys get together to record a practice episode.  The practice episodes are known as “pilot episodes.”  The pilot episode for season 8 was recorded on September 10, 2014.  Jay, Ken and Harry hosted with Jimmy typing in the chat room.  This was before the season 8 opening theme had been selected, so a temporary music track was used.  So sit back and enjoy this previously unaired episode.

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Show length [59:37]


Episode 104-3 (bonus episode)


Wouldn’t it be funny to hear someone try to guess the name of professional football teams when they know next to nothing about the sport?  Come on down, Jay, you’re the next contestant on “Name That Football Team!”  The secret word of the day is:  Saints.

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