The Aftertaste Report

With so many beverages available, why not trying something new and record it so others will know whether to buy or run?  And with a variety of hosts and products, this show is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and colon.


In season 1, Jason and Nikki reviewed different beverages from around the world Midwest.

08.07.11 Episode 1Kern’s Nectar apricot and Jones GABA nectarine [download]

08.14.11 Episode 2Jones GABA grapefruit and Self pink lemonade [download]

08.21.11 Episode 3Black Jack Arrr Raspberry tea and ME Curious [download]

08.28.11 Episode 4ME Unavailable and black cherry Shasta [download] – with guests Paige and Will

09.04.11 Episode 5Jones GABA lemon honey tea and Self blushing berry [download]

09.11.11 Episode 6Self tropical bliss and very berry Vio [download]

09.18.11 Episode 7Pink grapefruit 3D and  citrus burst Vio [download]

09.25.11 Episode 8Crayons Breakaway Berry and  Black Jack Punch [download] – with guests Paige and Will

10.02.11 Episode 9ME Vivacious and  peach mango Vio [download]

10.09.11 Episode 10ME Uninhibited and  Black Jack Landlubber Lemonade [download]

10.16.11 Episode 11Pomegranate 3D and citrus orange Unwind [download]

10.23.11 Episode 12Crayons Playoff Punch, Jumex strawberry and banana nectar, and Crayons Leaping Lemon-Lime [download] – with guests Paige and Will

In season 2, Jay, Ken and Harry reviewed twelve more beverages “live” from various fine dining establishments.

9.10.12 Episode 13 – They review the energy juice Rumba from the Casa Loma Ballroom

9.17.12 Episode 14 – They review Cintron Grape Ade from Kobe Steakhouse

9.24.12 Episode 15 – They review Perrier mineral water from the Starlight Roof

10.01.12 Episode 16 – They review Conchita coconut water from Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill

10.08.12 Episode 17 – They review Steaz berry-flavored energy tea from the Lemp Mansion

10.15.12 Episode 18 – They review Kern’s strawberry banana nectar from Johnny’s Bar & Grill

10.22.12 Episode 19 – They review Cintron raspberry iced tea from the Top of the Met

10.29.12 Episode 20 – A special edition review of Doctor from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

11.05.12 Episode 21 – They review Monster Energy Dub Edition from Citizen Kane’s Restaurant

11.12.12 Episode 22 – They review Kern’s mango nectar from Sam’s Steakhouse

11.19.12 Episode 23 – They review Cintron green tea from Happy Joe’s Pizza Parlor

11.26.12 Episode 24 – They review the energy juice Samba from Grant’s Farm Bahnhof


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