Episode 25

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Jason and Ken welcome two guests to the show: returning guest JP and new guest Darrin.  After reviewing what each of them did this week, they dig into JP’s new hobby:  blacksmithing.

In the news:  The OCD bank robber, world’s tallest female dog, man gouges out his eyes during mass, and Amanda Knox is set free.

Other topics:  HP Lovecraft and the new Amazon Kindle Fire

Television Guide:  [will be back next week]

In the list:  Top 10 ways to tell you are an internet addict

Ken’s Horrible Music of the Week:  The Worst Band Ever plays Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton

Links:  Disk Drive Imperial March, Darth Vader in “Yes Man”

Next week:  Our “Happy Days” Extravaganza

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Show length [56:48]

** Cricket, cricket, cricket **


Episode 24

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Muffin Loaf

Jason and Ken discuss the arrival of fall, what Jason has been watching on TV, facts about Johnny Appleseed, and Ken’s Facebook rant.

In the news:  The break up of R.E.M. (including a cover by Muffin Loaf), the creator of Doritos has died, Ellen Degeneres had chest pains, Randy Travis fainted, and women are worse at parking than men.

Television Guide:  What’s Happening!!

In the list:  6 laws you’ve broken without knowing you’ve broken them

Ken’s Horrible Music of the Week:  “The Final Countdown” by a bad band

Link:  Hmmm…

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** This one goes out to the one I love **

Episode 23

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Talk Like A Pirate Day 2011

Jason and Ken

Jack Tar Jason and Ken salute their pirate heritage.  Ken determines his pirate name LIVE on the air!  Events of last week include Ken’s float trip and a weenie roast at Jill’s.

In the news:  Beware of the falling satellite later this week, online gamers have deciphered the structure of an enzyme of an AIDS-like virus, an update on the stars of “Married with Children,” Dolores Hope dead at 102, Ken’s Rant of the Week (the Westboro Baptist Church), and Netflix splits.

Television Guide:  Diff’rent Strokes

In the list:  6 lamest pop culture pirates

Ken’s Horrible Music of the Week:  “Hoogie-Boogie Land” by Complete

Link:  Foo Fighters serenade the Westboro Baptist Church

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Show length [58:00]

** Spark it up, Sparky **

Episode 22

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A free cruise? For realz?

Jason, Daisy, and Harry

Jason and Ken discuss events of last week which include the company softball game, kids’ soccer games, and how Geedus rocked Imperial.

In the news:  10th anniversary of 9/11 attacks, conspiracy theories, the harvest moon, celebrity ages, and DC Comics – The New 52

Guest:  Sol Rosenberg talks about the free cruise he won

Television Guide:  The Dukes of Hazzard

In the list:  8 failed state fair foods

Link:  Geedus on YouTube

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Show length [60:00]

** They look like baby seals with their little whiskers and their sad eyes  **

Episode 21

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Pro Bowler demonstrating his "Winning" technique

Burning Man Festival as seen from space

The Collective Brain returns to the digital airwaves.  Jason and Ken review what they did during the summer break, Jason plays interview clips from bowling, and a brief mention of Burning Man.

In the news:  Texas wildfires, hurricanes, Spaceport America and the price of gas

In the list:  Top 10 earning dead celebrities

Next week:  The Dukes of Hazzard

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Show length [48:34]

** That monkey’s never going on that ship again **