Mune Gamer Podcast 46 – Silver Tower

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On this episode, we play

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Silver Towerr

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Show length [27:36]

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The Incredible Squatchy Adventure Game

Are you still looking for that perfect holiday gift?

Are you looking for an escape from your fast-paced, over-worked, under-paid life?

Have you been looking for more Squatchy material?

Then your look is over!!!  Introducing…

game box cover

In this online open-world game, you become Squatchy as you traverse wondrous landscapes looking for adventure.  You will go anywhere your imagination can take you.  A medieval castle?  Ancient Egypt?  A futuristic alien colony?  It’s all there, waiting to be discovered.  As you make your way through the virtual world with your new persona, you will become more skilled with character control.  You’ll learn the boundaries of what Squatchy can and can’t do.  You can even create your own story lines and act them out.

In this game, your imagination is the limit!

So what are you waiting for?  Are you ready to play?  Due to overwhelming demand and interest in the game, we are providing it FREE for a limited time.  Go on, escape, explore, and experience a life as Squatchy.

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