Episode 26

In this episode…

J2D2, the Cake Droid

"I never get any cake" - Blobfish

Jason and Ken discuss their week, followed by a healthy dose of the news and topics including Netflix and Qwikster, Facebook turns dangerous, Westboro Baptist Church pickets Steve Jobs’ funeral, world’s oldest running car auctioned, DC comics, and Ken talks about the Cardinals.

Television Guide:  Happy Days

In the list:  5 misconceptions about Christopher Columbus

What Would Jimmy Do…  If he had only 24 hours to live?

The Audubrain Society presents… the blobfish

Ken’s Horrible Music of the Week:  The Sisterhood

Links:  Rare celebrity photos

Listen here: 

Right click here to download episode 26

Show length [64:27]

** Sonday, Munday, Happy Days **


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